J B Priestley: An Inspector Calls

Note: It is thrilling that we have been offered this lovely historic venue for our performances. The play will be greatly enhanced by the timeless, spiritual atmosphere of the church. Our grateful thanks to Father Peter Williams and the St Michael’s administration.

About the Play

A simply brilliant play, as fresh and gripping now as when it was first performed. With the theatrical excitement of a detective thriller that holds you in the twists and turns of the moment, it delves beneath the surface to expose unchanging social hypocrisies.

Set in 1912 when the comfortable middle classes were oblivious to the “fire and anguish” that was to come with the first World War, the action begins as an affluent family in the industrial north is celebrating the engagement of the daughter of the house to a young man of wealth and breeding.

 Without warning an unexpected visitor arrives in the form of a police inspector. His penetrating questions slowly unravel the story in a series of astonishing revelations. Moreover we are all under suspicion when this inspector calls!


Arthur Birling
Sybil Birling
Shelia Birling
Eric Birling
Gerald Croft
Inspector Goole

Production team

Rozena Hallum
Peter Noonan