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Andrew Lloyd Webber, Don Black et al

Tell Me on a Sunday & Selections


Tell Me on a Sunday is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Don Black. A one-act song cycle, it tells the story of an ordinary English girl from Muswell Hill, who journeys to the United States in search of love. Her romantic misadventures begin in New York City, lead her to Hollywood, and eventually take her back to Manhattan.

In the original production, ‘the girl’ arrives in New York City. She tells her pal she does not want to become a hard-bitten career woman or a user of men. Shortly after, she discovers her beau has been cheating on her with numerous other women and she walks out.

Sheldon’s career ambitions preclude his spending much time on a personal relationship and, after realizing life in the film capital is uneventful and Sheldon has been using her as a trophy girlfriend, ‘the girl’ returns to Manhattan.

Back in Greenwich Village, ‘the girl’ meets a salesman, and once again faces disappointment when she learns he frequently has been in town with other women when he supposedly was away on business. The two split up and she meets a married man. Intent on succeeding in her career and acquiring a green card, ‘the girl’ is content with the noon-to-two relationship she and the married man share, until he announces he has told his wife everything and wants to leave her and marry ‘the girl’.

She is horrified because not only does she not love him, but she realizes she’s been using him, something she had vowed never to do. She sends the married man away and promises herself she will return to being the idealistic and ethical woman she was when she first arrived in the States.

‘The girl’ is the only person who appears on stage, despite having conversations with her friends and writing letters to her mum.

“Selections” is a recital of favourite songs from hit Lloyd Webber musicals performed by the Repertory Singers with dancers from “Chant et Danse”

Cast Tell Me on a Sunday
Sarah Templeton
Erin Callanan (matinees)

Alice Bates
Cloe Anngow
Emily Twemlow
Louise Sables
Jeremy Smith
Emma Price
Nick Catto
David O' Beirne (Vocal Coach)

Megan Gregson
Chloe Smith
Jenna Morris-Williamson
Allegra Canton
Sheridan Nielson
Oonagh Berharrell
Choreographer: Sandy Gray

Musical Director/Keyboard: Tom Harris
George Cook: Flute, Alto Sax
Deen Coulsen Keyboard, Drums

Julian Anderson

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