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William Shakespeare

Richard III


Repertory’s 2015 production of William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of King Richard the Third coincides with the ceremonial burial of the remains of the real King Richard III, which were found beneath a car park in Leicester in 2012, more than 500 years after the death in 1485 of the last English king to be killed in battle.

Director Julian Anderson’s concept for the play is “to allow the man to emerge from the propaganda surrounding the king and to put the Richard which later historians have discovered back into the play and make it, as Shakespeare wrote…The TRAGEDY (note, NOT history) of King Richard the Third”.

No hunchbacked comic villain then, for this production of Richard III explores the nuances of Shakespeare’s text informed by established historical fact, so that the audience has to make up its own mind as to whether Richard really was the ambitious murderer he is often portrayed as, or a worthy and noble, even heroic – albeit often misrepresented – king of late medieval England.

Cast Sebastian Boyle: Richard
Laura Murphy: Anne Neville
Emma Price: Queen Elisabeth
Mike Adams: Buckingham, Clarence
Sally Wilcox: Queen Margaret
Adele Courtman: Duchess of York
Maurice Barnes: Earl Rivers, Archbishop of Canterbury
Jordon Jones: Prince of Wales, Earl of Oxford
Carol Carr: Messenger, Lady Mary Plant
Phillip Lee: Duke of Norfolk, Archbishop of York
Julian Carroll: Hastings, Blunt
Gwilym Wogan: Stanley
Daniel Webster: Ratcliffe, Richmond
Alisdair Muir: Catesby
Kevin Jones: King Edward

Julian Anderson
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